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Personal Chef Dinner Services

What’s for dinner? Ask today’s busy households and you’ll hear answers such as “fast food” or “frozen pizza.” Your schedule doesn’t leave room for a lot of extras. In fact, how are you supposed to find time to prepare a delicious, healthy dinner? Or even to buy the groceries?

Your Home Bistro solves the “What’s for Dinner Dilemma” for:

  • Busy families who want to eat good, healthy meals
  • Professionals who have no time too cook
  • Seniors who need a senior meal service to maintain their independent life style
  • People who need help sticking with their weight loss plan
  • Diabetics or others following medically prescribed diets
  • Patients recovering from surgery or hospitalization


Coming home from work…

You’re tired and hungry…

And in just a few minutes…

You are enjoying a delicious, healthful dinner prepared just the way you like it! The best part is you didn’t have to shop, cook, or clean up! It was all done for you by Chef Pam, your very own personal chef!

How does the Personal Chef Dinner Service work?

In-Home Cooking Classes

Wouldn’t it be fun if Julia Child could come over and hang out with you and your friends in your kitchen? Or if the Barefoot Contessa stopped by to show you how to make one of her favorite dishes? Maybe Alton Brown could visit and explain the science behind how your recipes worked?

Well, sadly Julia is no longer available, and Alton and the Contessa are pretty hard to get. But Chef Pam has been known to conduct some pretty entertaining cooking classes in St. Louis homes. For details click here..

Interactive Dinner Parties

Hosting a dinner party can be pretty intimidating! What to make? Will the food be good? Will guests have a good time? Will conversation flow?

An Interactive Dinner Party is a unique and enjoyable way to entertain guests without all of the work and stress.