Sample Menus

Sample Gourmet Menu    Sample Comfort Food Menu    Sample Vegetarian Menu

Chef Pam takes great pride in learning her clients’ individual taste preferences and dietary goals, and customizing each menu to the client’s personal taste. Whether your cravings are for comfort food, gourmet or something in between, your meals will be just the way you like them.

Special diets or doctor prescribed diets are also happily accommodated. Chef Pam understands the importance of following doctor’s orders and will carefully plan your meals to fit your heart healthy diet, diabetic diet or other medically prescribed diet.

Sticking with a weight loss diet is always a challenge, but Chef Pam can make it easier with healthy low fat, low carb, and low calorie meals. Portion controlled packaging removes the temptation of having more than you planned to eat. If you are following Weight Watchers, South Beach or another plan, your meals will be designed to fit the program. Instead of the tasteless, boring food you have forced yourself to eat with other disappointing dieting efforts, Chef Pam will create a wide variety of delicious meals to give you the pleasant dining experience you deserve!

Organic ingredients, vegetarian, or vegan diets are also available from Your Home Bistro!

Nutritional data can be provided for all meals.