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Personal Chef Dinner Services

Chef Pam’s goal is not only to make quick, healthy meals, but to make each meal the best you have ever tasted.

She begins with a visit to your home to conduct an interview and complete a detailed food survey. By learning your food preferences and dietary goals she is able to customize your menus to your personal taste. Chef Pam uses the information gathered in the interview to create your menus. She can prepare anything from comfort food to gourmet and design dinners to meet your special dietary needs.

The Your Home Bistro data base contains over 1000 recipes, and if Chef Pam does not have what you like there, she will hunt up a recipe or create a dish just for you. Each menu lists entrees and side dishes and is presented for your approval. You may request changes for any items that do not appeal to you. The menu is complete when you are happy with it!

A standard service contains five dinners with appropriate sides, four servings of each meal. This provides 20 plates – 5 dinners for a family of four, 10 meals for two people, or 20 for one person. Additional serving can be provided to accommodate larger families.

Variety is the spice of life, so you will not see the same meal twice in a six month period unless you request it!

On the morning of your cook day, Chef Pam will shop for the highest quality ingredients. The cost of groceries is included in the price of the service!

Chef Pam will arrive at your home with all of the pots, pans and utensils she needs to prepare your meals. After cooking up a storm, she will package and refrigerate or freeze each item.

Meals will be packaged to accommodate your needs – single serving, two servings, or family size containers. Containers are microwave and oven safe. Best of all, they are disposable to minimize clean-up!

Every entrée and side dish will be carefully labeled with thawing and heating directions. By following these instructions your meals will taste like they were just prepared!

Freshly baked bread is a Your Home Bistro hallmark and will be included in each service!

Chef Pam leaves your kitchen sparkling clean and your home scented with aromas of savory meals and freshly baked bread. You simply heat the meals and enjoy the fabulous food, the clean kitchen, and the extra free time.