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Interactive Dinner Parties

An Interactive Dinner is a unique party idea with a great party theme – Cooking! The atmosphere is casual and enjoyable. Guests have the opportunity to cook along with Chef Pam and learn new culinary techniques and interesting food trivia. They are welcome to come and go from the kitchen as they please and participate as much as they would like.

As the host of the party, you will meet with Chef Pam to plan the dinner. She will be equipped with lots of ideas and will design a mouthwatering menu for you and your guests. After you approve the menu, all you need to do is invite your friends and get ready for a nice evening. Chef Pam will handle the rest!

On the day of the party she will do the grocery shopping and arrive at your home in time to do all of the prep work. During the party, she will cook the dinner, entertain your guest and encourage them to roll their sleeves up and have a good time in the kitchen!

When dinner is ready, everyone will gather for a wonderful meal.