Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes! In fact, a Your Home Bistro gift certificate is a great gourmet gift. It is a wonderful alternative to overpriced, often stale, gourmet gift baskets. My gourmet gift certificates are great for hard to shop for folks who seem to have everything, new parents, and people recovering from surgery or illness. Gift certificates for Personal Chef Dinner Services, In-Home Cooking Classes and Interactive Dinner Parties are available.

2. Do you have to be rich to hire a personal chef? How much does it cost?

My personal chef dinner service is surprisingly affordable. A standard dinner service includes five dinners, four servings of each and costs $425. The price will increase if food costs are high, for example if a client requests all organic ingredients or likes frequent filet or lobster dishes. Unusual diet requests that require significantly more time to research and plan menus will also increase the cost. Additional servings can be added for $80 per person. All groceries are included in the price. In-Home Cooking Classes are $50 per hour plus the cost of groceries. Interactive Dinner Party prices are based on the menu.

3. Where are your services available?

I travel throughout the St. Louis, Missouri metro area.

4. My kitchen is small and I have very little cooking equipment. Will you still cook for me?

Of course! I have had no problem cooking in even the tiniest apartment kitchens. I bring all of my own equipment, so no need to worry about your supply. All I need is your stove, oven, counter, sink and refrigerator.

5. Do I need a big freezer?

No, a standard top/bottom or side by side refrigerator freezer is fine.

6. Will you cook the meals in your home and deliver the finished product to me?

No, it is not legal for me to cook in my home and deliver the food because my home kitchen is not a commercial kitchen.

7. Do I select the meals I want from a menu?

No, menu planning is time consuming and I know that your time is limited. I design all of the menus based on your food preferences. If you are in the mood for a favorite dish I will include it in your menu. You have final menu approval and can request changes to the proposed menu. The menu is not complete until you are happy with it.

8. Great logo! Who designed it?

Why thank you! My sister, Linda McCool, a Kansas City artist designed it for me!

9. Who took the photos shown on your web site?

My son, Scott, took all of the photos.